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What is a Mouflon?


What is a Mouflon? A Mouflon is a type of wild sheep.  The correct name is the European Mouflon sheep.  Mouflons roam the wilds of Europe. They originally came from the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia. They are a very hardy animal and now live in much of Europe. Mouflons do not live exclusively in Europe as they have been transplanted to the U.S.A. and many other countries.

Mouflons are known as the prettiest of the wild sheep.  They make a beautiful mount and are regarded as a prize trophy animal. They are a very elusive animal to hunt. With great eyesight combined with the wariness of these sheep they can be very difficult to get close to while hunting.

Mouflons will interbreed with other sheep. Because of this it is getting harder to find pure Mouflon. One of the true characteristics of a pure Mouflon is they will have a short tail. Their tail will be no longer than four inches. Many times Mouflon hybrids will have all the other characteristics of pure Mouflons, but the tail will always be longer than four inches. Because of the rarity of pure Mouflons the demand for these beautiful animals is always there. This makes the European Mouflon a good investment for animal breeders.





 The picture below is Henry running with the herd.