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Double E’s Breeding Program

Here at Double E Mouflon Farms we are striving to breed and produce some of the very best European Mouflon sheep to be found. These are high goals, but we believe with the genetics that we have acquired that these goals will be fulfilled.

The picture below is Pretty Boy in his winter coat.

Before we acquired our Mouflons we searched diligently to find world class genetics. In our search we met Rickey Hunt that owns Majestic Mouflons. After several phone calls we then bought Pretty Boy from him. Pretty Boy is our main breeding ram. Pretty Boy is not only a nice looking ram, but he had the genetics that we wanted to lead our breeding program. Pretty Boy is out of Majestic Mouflon’s High Horn Henry. This stock originally came from a zoo in the Netherlands.

This picture shows Pretty Boy in his summer coat.  Notice the difference of coloring from the photo above.

Our ewes also came out of some good stock. We have 31 ewes with Pretty Boy. The majority of them came from the Y.O. Ranch. The Y.O. Ranch is well known for their exotic game hunting ranch. They have always kept some really big Mouflons in their breeding program.

Our goal is to have 100 ewes with good genetics. Here at Double E Farms we have four farms. We have the room and the facilities to continue to grow into three top herds of Mouflons.

These are the goals that we want our Mouflons to produce.

  1. Mouflons with great color.
  2. Mouflons that will grow out fast. Having record class rams by the time they are 3 years old.
  3. Mouflons that will consistently reproduce themselves.

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